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BeLinked is a dating application that connects users through their LinkedIn profiles. With verifiable identity and a vast network, BeLinked offers high-quality dating prospects for users of all ages and demographics. This is an app for serious, career-driven singles looking for love on an easy mobile platform. The sole founder of BeLinked has a background in business and an eye for entrepreneurship. With a degree in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Max started out as an investment banker. Max Fischer, founder of BeLinked, realized that LinkedIn had the potential to help singles find dates. He sent her a message. He not only had a successful first date — he had a business venture. He saw the opportunity to use LinkedIn to network beyond professional objectives.

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Max Fischer launched the dating app BeLinked, which taps into LinkedIn data, after meeting a woman through the social network.

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By providing an easy way to meet high-quality people, BeLinked sets the standard for the next generation of mobile dating apps targeted at discerning users.

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About us. BeLinked is the first interactive mobile dating application that allows users to find matches using LinkedIn's quality user base. Anonymously LIKE or.

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belinked dating app. Belinked is a dating app of ambitious singles based on the. For any press inquiries regarding belinked, email pr. Once users find a mutual. Linkedin dating app android date like a professional download app store cf1ef6cefb59d7fa52dceedaafcfea08dc6cffc0bbaaadbaa80 belinked.